Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

We are based in the heart of Crouch end just by the Clock tower. The clinic room is above the Haelan centre, which is a Crouch End institution in itself.  Entrance is via the side road opposite the Waitrose.

Is there car parking nearby?

Car parking is available behind the Waitrose opposite the Haelan centre or there is on street parking. 

What brand of products do you use?

NMLondon Aesthetics uses Botox by Allergan. This is the best known, most widely used global brand. We use the Juvederm range of fillers - usually the Vycross range which is the newest range of Juvederm products. Juvederm is one of the most widely used global brands of fillers. Sometimes it may be better for a patient to use a different brand of filler for a specific indication in which case this is ordered in for the consultation.

How easy is it to get an appointment at NMLondon Aesthetics?

NMLondon Aesthetics has appointments available on evenings and weekends as well as weekdays to offer greater flexibility. Just send us an email or text and we can book you in. We charge a £50 booking fee to secure the booking. But this is deductible for any treatments you decide to have on the day.

Will I see a doctor at my appointment?

Yes, you will see a trained doctor for your consultation and for your procedures at the clinic 

What will you discuss with me at my consultation?

The aim of the consultation is to understand what it is that you want to achieve in terms of facial appearance. What bothers you and what options are available to enhance your appearance. Examples include relaxing deep lines in the forehead area with botox injections, or a desire to have fuller lips or more prominent cheekbones with the use of  filler injections. We also offer treatments for  chronic migraines and/ or teeth grinding so the doctor would explain if this is suitable for you. Once the doctor has talked you through the options you may opt to have treatments done at that appointment or you can go away to consider what you wish to have done and then book a follow up appt.

Will the injections hurt?

The simple answer is hardly at all - Botox in injected with a tiny needle – much smaller than a sewing needle. When the needle goes through the skin you may feel a tiny sting – after that you will barely feel it.

When injecting fillers you may feel the pressure sensation as the gel is being pushed into the facial lines. The filler products we use at NMLondon have local anaesthetic mixed in with the filler to reduce discomfort.

For people who do feel discomfort when the needle goes in - we can put some numbing cream on the skin first to reduce this sensation. 

The lip area is the most sensitive area and so numbing cream is applied prior to doing lip filler injections. 

Can I go back to work straight after a procedure?

Yes, you can go back to work straight after a procedure. You may have some slight swelling and/or minimal bruising. This can be covered with some light makeup. If you feel some discomfort after the procedure you could take 2 paracetamol tablets as required. 

Can I eat or drink normally after the injections?

Yes, you can eat and drink afterwards but please avoid alcohol for the first 24 hours as it may increase the chance of  bruising.

I have a big celebration next month - when is the best time to have botox or filler injections?

With both these procedures it takes approximately 2 weeks to see the full effect and it takes a few days for any bruising or swelling to go down. So I would always suggest at least 2 weeks before a big event so that the maximal effect is visible.

What is the best age to start having botox and filler injections?

NMLondon Aesthetics only offers treatments to adults - we do not treat those aged below 18 years.. 

The main thing is to be clear what you want to achieve and what can be done using botox and fillers. 

Fillers can be used by young and old to enhance lip fullness and cheek bones. It also has a use to fill deep-set lines in the face that tend to occur with age. 

Botox injections can be use to relax facial lines which are caused by over active facial muscles. In younger people this can include lines that are only visible when a person frowns or raises their eyebrows. Regular botox every 3 months or so will gradually relax and weaken the over-active muscle causing the lines so that over time the lines become less deep and less prominent even when the botox wears off.  

Is it true that my body can become resistant to Botox if I have it repeatedly?

We advise that you not have Botox more often than once every 12 weeks. Ater the treatment you may need a slight tweak or top up of Botox at 2 weeks and then no further Botox should be administered til week 12. In theory, if a person has botox done too soon after the first injection they may develop antibodies to the botox which means it won‘t work as well in the future. This is the reason for leaving a gap in between treatments. 

Can botox wear off quicker if I do vigorous exercise?

We advise not to do any vigorous exercise for 24 hours after the injection to prevent the toxin moving to another muscle. But after that, you may exercise normally. 

Is Botox injections used only for treating wrinkles?

No Botox has many other uses. Botox injections have been used for decades in the field of medicine for a variety of medical conditions – including muscle spasms and excessive sweating. 

At NMLondon in addition to offering anti- wrinkle injections we also offer Botox injections into the armpits for excessive sweating, botox injections for chronic migraine headaches and botox injections into the jaw muscle to treat excessive teeth grinding. 

Is it dangerous to have these injections?

The procedures are carried out by a highly trained medical doctor. All procedures can have some side effects – with botox this can occur if the botox moves from where it has been injected to another muscle causing another muscle to relax - the risk of this happening is reduced by good injection technique and careful aftercare which is explained to all clients have botox at NMLondon.

it is very important to always see a qualified professional when having these treatments to ensure it is done safely. 

Fillers can cause pressure on a blood vessel and this can cause swelling and skin damage. This is prevented by careful injection technique and careful follow up of the client and the filler product can be dissolved if it is causing a problem.

The advantage of both botox and fillers is that they are not permanent treatments and do wear off with time. Botox injections last for approximately 12 weeks and fillers last for approximately 9 months.